Boiler Cleaning Services


Industrial boiler cleaning services
(Ultra-High Pressure Boiler Tube Scale Removal)

Boiler Cleaning

  • High pressure washing
  • Chemical cleaning

Customer Needs

  • Tubes
  • Fire walls
  • Stacks
  • Pre-heaters
  • Economizer

Lungstrom Air Pre-Heater Cleaning System

5,000 to 10,000 PSI water jets moving across the face of clogged air-baskets are a very cost-effective replacement for old fashioned high-volume washing and manual boiler cleaning.

Clogged and restricted pre-heater baskets decrease heat exchange efficiency by reducing air flow and increasing pressure drop. For coal-fired boilers, the reduced operating capacity can cost tens of thousands of dollars . Boiler cleaning - especially of hardened fly ash - can be accomplished easily by using low volume, high pressure jets of water which move across the face of the heater baskets at a precise, controlled rate. Cleaning of one or both faces of the pre-cleaner is completed in a uniform, non-damaging manner.

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