Coatings Removal Service


coatings removal service
(Parts cleaning and de-painting in a blast cabinet)

waterblasting to remove coatings
(Tank insulation removal with high pressure water blasting)

sandblasting to remove coatings
(Coatings removal from concrete)

Coatings Removal

  • High pressure waterblast
  • Sandblasting
  • Soda blasting

Customer Needs

  • Graffiti
  • Rust & corrosion
  • Grease, oil, resin
  • Rubber linings
  • Epoxy, paint
  • Insulation removal

For efficiency and versatility in coatings removal, Accustrip Blast Media wins... hands down!

ACCUSTRIP Blast Media for coatings removal is the first blast media that can be safely used almost anywhere in an industrial setting - even in areas where dust, sparks* or toxic substances are a problem. Solvent cleaning or hand sanding can be reduced drastically or even eliminated. Plant shutdown is usually not required, making the wet blast system the most efficient of any comparable method.

Safely remove virtually any coating from most surfaces - in-plant or in the field.

Non-sparking, non-toxic Blast Media is safe for use on both flexible and rigid substrates. It is effective in removing surface rust and aluminum corrosion - even around rivets and screws - yet it never imbeds itself into the material being stripped. Coatings can be removed down to the metal or one layer at a time, making this system especially useful for spot repainting and feathering. Blast Media will not harm motor bearings, seals or packing, so you can clean or strip rotating equipment such as turbines, pumps, and TEFC-rated motors without fear of damaging sensitive parts. Remove grease, oil, paint and dirt from flat or contoured surfaces, cooling towers, motor parts, hard-to-reach equipment parts - all in one simple step, without pre-wash.

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