Plant/Factory Cleaning Services


plant cleaning service
(Plant floor cleaning)

industrial plant cleaning in NJ, NY and PA
(Heat exchanger revitalization)

Plant/Factory Cleaning Services

  • High pressure waterblast
  • Chemical cleaning
  • High power Vacuum
  • Dredging

Customer Needs

  • Process lines
  • Paint booths, exhaust ducts
  • Grease traps
  • Floors, walls, facades
  • Plating lines
  • Tanks
  • Oil & water separators
  • Heat exchangers

High pressure water is used to dislodge or break up materials. Vacuum systems to pick up debris as well as solid or liquid wastes around plants, in scrubber tanks, settling pits, catch basins. Also, emergency spills of liquid or solid material can be picked-up easily.

The Proven Solution

For industrial cleanup and material recovery problems.

As governmental agencies place increasing importance on a clean working environment, it becomes imperative for industry to find new, more economical ways to clean up bulk materials.

The Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader provides the most efficient and economical answer to industrial cleanup and material recovery problems.  Our mobile Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader will assure you of the clean, safe industrial environment that government agencies and your own safety personnel require.

All types of materials - from abrasives to wood chips, from solids to slurries to liquids - are quickly vacuumed by the Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loader.  Neither broom nor shovel, wheelbarrow nor bucket can compete. The speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the Supersucker is far superior - resulting in dramatically lower maintenance costs.

The most difficult to reach areas of a plant can be cleaned faster and with better results, regardless of obstructions, contoured surfaces and confined areas.  The Supersucker meets or exceeds all EPA and OSHA requirements.  The patented Fail-Safe Filter ensures environmental protection by filtering all materials to one micron. The positive displacement vacuum pump keeps noise levels - and energy consumption - to a minimum.

Let us tell you more about the cost saving benefits and how the Supersucker has proven that vacuum is the solution to industrial cleanup and material recovery problems.

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