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video pipe inspection services

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Confined spaces are no longer an inspection problem. The Proscout mini-camera system is designed to thread laterals, ducts, pipes and the like. Problems once guessed at can now be seen before action is taken.

Pipe Inspection Services

  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Camera Pipe Inspection
  • Sewer Pipe Inspection
  • Pipe Cleaning & Repair

Customer Needs

  • Sewers
  • Manholes
  • Storm drains
  • Pipes & conduit

Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) is a cost-effective method to assure proper installation of a new pipe line or locate any object, infiltrate or defect in an existing line. Micro-size to large truck-mounted CCTV units are available to test assure that there are no hidden faults that might cause costly down time. Various tools, rags, nuts & bolts, etc. have been removed from turbine lines prior to damage.

The pipe inspection method is as follows: The operation of the equipment is controlled from above ground. A skilled technician at a control panel in the TV studio controls the movement of the camera through the pipe. The technician can adjust the brightness of the built-in camera by remote control. The view seen by the camera is transmitted to the large television monitor at the control panel. Clear, sharp, still photographs or a video showing conditions of the line may be taken at any time during the operation for a permanent record. If any leak or infiltration is encountered, it is recorded and then removed or repaired.

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